• “Peter is one of the hardest working magicians I know, 
    he is never afraid of stepping out of his comfort zone and 

    trying something completely new and perfecting it for as long as it takes.” 
    – Asi Wind

  • “Peter Samelson in my mind is exactly what all magicians should strive to be.  He is clever, inventive and has a keen sense of how to make an audience care.  I am proud to call him a personal inspiration and a friend. 
    No matter who you are, you will benefit from listening to him.”
         ~ Kevin James

  • “Peter Samelson understands how to amaze.
    His depth of thought and attention to detail are blended with beauty and whimsy — 
    a great combination!”
         ~ Max Maven

  • “Peter’s not only one of the most thoughtful and analytical practitioners of our art, but also one of the greatest TEACHERS.  His incredible insight and attention to the smallest of details (IMPORTANT details…)
    are conveyed in a most accessible and friendly manner.”
         ~ Joe Givan

  • “This is definitely a lecture not to miss. Peter Samelson is a real worker.
    His magic is not only tried and tested, but also extremely well thought out and practical.
    He is both endearing and charming as a performer and will leave you with a lot to think about.”
         ~ Doug McKenzie

  • “Peter Samelson is giving an online lecture? I’m THERE! Peter is a master of good magical construction.
    His sense of theatricality, scripting, and fine-tuning every important detail makes for some strong, memorable magic.
    Don’t watch this unless you really want to make your magic better.”
         ~ Francis Menotti

  • “Peter Samelson is a perfect combination of raconteur and magician. 
    I feel that I learn something every time we chat.
    He brings all aspects of the world to his magic and that is what makes it so good”
         ~ Norman Beck

  • “Peter’s routines create profound mystery and a deep emotional connection with an audience.
    So if that’s what you’re looking for, and you should be,
    don’t miss his lecture.”
         ~ Steve Bedwell

Peter is an illusionist, an entertainer, and philosopher; blending simplicity and sophistication, he provokes thought and inspires wonder.  

Peter designs for TV, film and theater, both on Broadway and Off. He created magic for Sam Mendes productions at BAM and the Old Vic (London) and recently for Leap of Faith and Harvey. He has also created and starred in three critically acclaimed Off-Broadway shows; The Magician, PaperWork and Radnevsky’s Real Magic…

Peter Samelson doesn’t do magic; he helps people to see Magic. Magic happens in your mind!




There are those who say that Peter Samelson\’s close-up performance is even more astounding than his stage show. 

You are so close and the Mystery happens right there in your hands!


Like the man himself, his stage performance is an uncanny blending of simplicity and sophistication. 

From Mentalism to Mysteries, his illusions are as amazing as they are touching.


Peter designs for Television, Film and Live Theater, whether Broadway or Regional.

Have an idea?  You\’ll love what he does with it. Need a Magical Moment? The impossible can be real.


When Peter speaks, people listen, laugh and learn. As a Presenter, he speaks on the Mystery that is the Mind. As a Keynoter, he inspires and guides. As a Spokesman, he communicates your message. 

Peter Samelson is ... " Exceptional! "


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